We are a welcoming, open and inclusive church, meeting in the centre of the community. Whether you are looking to join the church family on a regular basis, or are enquiring about becoming part of the church for a special event, such as a wedding or a baptism, these pages should give you all that you need to know.

Rev'd Mark Pengelly, Superintendent Minister
To proclaim the love of God in Jesus to all people.
We do this by: 
Being a place of welcome, worship & nurture. 
Belonging, learning & growing together. 
Serving the community in whatever way we can.



High Street Methodist Church was built next to the Stone Bridge over the River Cam and was opened in 1898, but by the mid 1950’s it was sinking into the river. The site was sold in 1960 to Caters for £75.000 and this paid for the building of Trinity and three other churches in the town. A small chapel had also been built at Rainsford End in 1914. The two congregations later joined together and agreed to build Trinity on the Rainsford Road site. It opened in 1961.

Trinity has always had a relatively large membership and a good number at Sunday Worship – a caring, welcoming people seeking to give glory to God and serve the community. The church building has been adapted and enlarged over the years to meet the changing nature of church life and the society at large.

The membership peaked in the 1980’s and a second morning service was started but due to a decline in number, this no longer takes place. The large membership created the need for additional ground floor accommodation, and this led to the purchase pf the adjacent warehouse, which was converted into the ‘Link’ a large friendly meeting room opened in 1984. During the same period, we also replaced the obsolete electronic organ with a refurbished pipe organ.

A church office was built in 1993 and the worship area was carefully refurbished in 1999. The refurbishment included new heating and lighting, a raised dais with removable communion rail and pulpit. Additionally, new chairs and projection facilities were installed. In new disabled list was added in 2009 to comply with disability legislation to allow access to the meeting rooms above the worship area.

Today, 2021, the church has an active membership although, like many other churches, due to the demographics of its members, numbers are declining. However, we have seen an increase in families with children frequenting and taking active roles within the church.

The meeting rooms are very popular with local community projects and charitable organisations; not to mention a variety of church fellowship activities that everyone can join in.

If you are reading this and feel that you would like to join Trinity, please don’t hesitate. We are an open and welcoming church, and we would love to see you.


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