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Trinity Methodist Facebook
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A link to our Facebook page with all our news and events.

Twelve Baskets
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This is a creative resource site full of photographs, illustrations, stories, scripts, songs, paintings and prayers, everything you need for a sermon, assembly, presentation or many other uses. The process is simple, if something is 100% your own work you can upload it to the site. Images and written work can be downloaded by members (for an annual subscription) and other digital content such as video, animations and powerpoint can be purchased by anybody (priced individually). The contributor of the work gains a royalty every time it is downloaded, as well as the knowledge that their creation is being enjoyed again rather than buried on their hard drive.

Online Bible
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If you fancy a Bible on your computer, then Online Bible has lots of translations, including several that are free.

Alpha Course
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An Alpha Course is an evening class, with supper, in Christian Faith

The Ascension Trust
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If you want to know more about the Ascension Trust and Street Pastors click on the link below.

The Methodist Church of Great Britain
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If you want to find out more about the national Methodist Church this link has, as you would expect, lots of useful information